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new time-waster: SimCity Buildit

I spend a lot of time on my iPad.  Probably more than I should.  I’ve tried to turn this little device into a productivity-based laptop alternative by adding a keyboard and a bunch of writing apps, but to tell you the truth what I use for more than anything else is playing games and keeping up on Reddit.

My latest way to kill a few hours of my day has been the free game SimCity Buildit.  SimCity, just like every other Sim-game, is a lot of fun that I really don’t have enough time to enjoy.  At least not enough to justify paying the full price for the game on my PC.  Buildit is a trimmed-down, no cost (unless you are fool enough to pay for stuff in-game) version that is a tremendous amount of fun.

City management is pretty easy, building residences and industrial buildings is simple and fun, and I’m just now getting to the part of the game where I can start playing with disasters. 

And yes, there is a Reddit for the game too.